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Vonage is an Internet telephone service provider, providing commercial telecommunication services based on voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, their online presence at the time was not engaging new, converting customers. Vonage then partnered with Red Ventures to lead the strategy for their paid search presence, full funnel customer acquisition, sales, and marketing.

The Lead Copywriter and I started by taking an in-depth look at Vonage's brand, reviewing key benefits and USPs. We were then able to implement a strategic plan for their paid search presence and convert visitors into paying customers. Our team came to realize the market challenge was actually threefold, and the sites would have to educate people on what Vonage is, showcase the value of Vonage as a home phone provider, and drive sales.

Since 2015, Vonage has changed its consumer approach, paid search strategy, and partner relations, shifting its focus to B2B.

Date: June 2014
Role: UX & Design
Content: John Dermott
Development: Alex Fernandez
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