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For many years, Red Ventures has been a strategic partner for DIRECTV, primarily in paid search as well as SEO. currently plays in the #2 position of the search landscape, and at the time it hadn't been updated in a few years. From a design and content standpoint, it was limiting our creativity.

The Lead Copywriter, Director of Front-End Development, and I spearheaded the motion to do a complete site overhaul, with the key goals being to:  1. Make the sections more modular so that we could easily test placing different content and imagery in different places, to see what flow would maximize response. 2. Refresh content and update it to reflect new value props that had been winning. In particular, bundling TV+Internet and showcasing DIRECTV as the premier home entertainment provider over the competition. 3. Introduce a Package Matchmaker to help customers find the right package for them.

Date: January 2016
Role: UX & Design
Content: John Dermott
Development: Jake Plummer
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